UDP Hunter - An Open Source Network Assessment Tool

What is UDP Hunter? UDP Scanning has always been a slow and painful exercise, and if you add IPv6 on top of UDP, the tool choices get pretty limited. UDP Hunter is a python based open source network assessment tool focused on UDP Service Scanning. With UDP Hunter, we have focused on providing auditing of widely known UDP protocols for IPv6 and IPv4 hosts. As of today, UDP Hunter supports 25 different service probes. The tool allows you to do bulk scanning of large networks as well as targeted host scanning for specific ports and more. Once an open service is discovered, UDP Hunter takes it one step further and even provides you guidance on how you can possibly exploit the discovered services. UDP Hunter provides reports in a neat text format, however, support for more formats is under way. How does UDP Hunter work? UDP Hunter creates a list of IPs when any IP range is provided to it.  It also supports domain names which will be resolved and the IP will be added to the list. Onc